How to use text messaging to get your ex back

How to use text messaging to get your ex back

Breaking up can be one of the most painful things that a human being can go through, we totally understand and sympathize with your plight. If you feel that your breakup was not right, and are seeking to win your ex back, one of the very best things that you can do is to be proactive. And, though you may not have realized it, you have one of the most powerful tools for getting your ex back in your pocket: your cell phone. One of the key lessons that we have learnt over the years is text messaging works to get your ex back. It really does! If you are careful about the content of your text messages, and the frequency with which you send them, you are sure to come to agree with us that one of the main rules of getting dating is that text messaging really works to get your ex back.

Text messaging is a great way to start working to get your ex back. Firstly, it does not involve meeting your ex face to face. Meeting up with your ex too soon after the breakup can lead to overwhelming emotions, to recriminations, and to visible displays of affection or despair. All of these things can be very overwhelming for your ex. And, though it may make you feel better to let them see how visibly upset the breakup has let you become, often meeting up with your ex face to face can be very detrimental to your chances of getting your ex back for that very reason. Sending a text message, on the other hand, enables you to stay detached and friendly. So, how do you use text messaging to get your ex back?

Firstly, do not send text messages that are too long, or too emotional! A short, friendly message from you to your ex will be pleasant for your ex to receive. Be very careful not to say anything too emotional, or to pour your heart out or make them feel guilty. Stay cheerful and upbeat, and imply that you have got a lot of interesting stuff going on in your life after the breakup. One great trick is to use the text message to refer back to a happy memory that you and your ex shared. This will put them in a frame of mind that regards you favorably, and will hopefully get them feeling nostalgic for the time that you spent together. A text message that simply says (in your own words) ‘Hey, how are you doing? I just saw this great film with my friends that reminded me of the movie we watched on our second date. Funny, huh? Do you remember that day’, for example, is a good example of this

Secondly, do not send too many text messages! If you ex does not reply to your message quickly, you will destroy all of your good work by sending a series of rapid follow up messages questioning whether they still care about you and why they haven’t replied, and detailing how bad their failure to reply has made you feel. This will, again, overwhelm them with negative emotion and make them less likely to view engaging in text message discussions with you as a good thing. If your ex doesn’t get back to you right away, just leave it! If you have kept your message short, sweet, and friendly, there is a very high chance that they will reply back in the same way. And, hey presto: you are conversing!

As you keep replying to your ex, make sure to keep the messages light, cheerful, and friendly. Throw in a few mentions of all the fun stuff you’ve been doing, to remind your ex what an exciting and interesting person you are lobe around. It is easy to add in a few words to show your ex that you care about them without becoming too negatively emotional. A simple ‘hope you’ve had a good day’, or a sympathetic ‘sounds like things are difficult at work for you at the moment – make sure to take care of yourself!’ is a gentle, genuine, way of showing that you have caring feelings towards them without sounding needy.

Of course, text messaging is just an initial step toward getting your ex back. Sooner or later one of you is going to suggest that you meet up again. And, if you play your cards right with the text messages, it is most likely your ex that is going to ask you to come and hang out with them, rather than the other way around.

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