Metabolic Cooking Review

Metabolic Cooking System Review

I was the fat kid who was always picked last in gym class and the girl who was always uncomfortable in her own body. By the time I was 21 years old, I weighed 210 pounds. Being overweight didn’t make me feel confident or attractive. I was tired of being unhealthy. But losing weight for me wasn’t easy. In fact, it often felt impossible: It seemed like the more I dieted, the slower my metabolism worked. As a result, I was eating tasteless food that took a long time to make, but not burning fat or losing weight. And while many fad diets promised fast results, they failed to deliver what I wanted: A healthy eating plan, with great tasting, fat-burning meals that are easy to make so that I could lose weight in a healthy way, once and for all, and keep it off. Then I learned about Metabolic Cooking – and I lost 80 pounds!

Metabolic Cooking is a completely down loadable series of e-cookbooks and manuals written by Dave Ruel and Karine Losier. Dave is a well respected and trusted fitness cook in North America who has helped thousands of people (including me) achieve their weight loss goals through a successful fat-burning diet. With a Masters degree in psychology, Karine has helped many who struggle with weight loss issues and understands the common psychological struggles people face when confronting their own eating habits. In fact, Dave taught Karine how to cook healthy and stay lean. Together, they worked to create new fat-burning recipes designed to meet the real needs of real people who want to eat healthy, lose body fat and feel good. The result is Metabolic Cooking – an easy to use series of cookbooks and information guides filled with more than 250 delicious, fat burning recipes that are healthy, taste great, and are easy to make. Metabolic Cooking helped me to fuel my metabolism and achieve my weight loss goal!

How does Metabolic Cooking Work?

The Metabolic Cooking series is designed to help you achieve maximum fat loss – and not just focus on using ultra low calorie foods that simply leave you wanting more. In fact, Metabolic Cooking succeeds where so many other diet plans have failed: using top fat-burning foods designed to supercharge your metabolism, so you lose weight effectively and more quickly – while still getting to enjoy nutritious, great tasting, satisfying meals. Metabolic Cooking helped me succeed by showing me that a healthy fat-burning diet doesn’t have to tasteless and boring.

Metabolic Cooking is a complete set of 9 cookbooks and components that include:
250 delicious fat-burning recipes (nine cookbooks to make breakfasts, snacks, red meat, fish, chicken, pork, smoothies, sides, and vegetarian meals)
An easy-to-follow nutritional system that makes managing my nutrition simple and effective
10 Cooking and Nutrition Rules

Everything I need to know about Fat Burning Foods – without having to be a scientist!
How to Conquer the Metabolic Adaptation Phenomenon – so that I supercharge my metabolism and burn fat faster
Tips, Tricks and Resources Galore – to help prepare meals faster, find resources quickly, and customize meals to your tastes.

Why Choose Metabolic Cooking?

I have tried so many other diets that promised me the weight loss I dreamed of, but left me feeling defeated and hopeless when the numbers on my bathroom scale wouldn’t budge, no matter how hard I tried. Let’s face it, most diets are boring. The foods they want you to eat don’t always taste great, and the meals can take forever to prepare. And no matter how much I tried to stick to my boring, tasteless diet, my metabolism remained stuck in neutral – and the weight stayed on. And I felt like a failure – when in fact, it was the diet that had failed me. Metabolic Cooking is different.

Other diets fail because they use the wrong ingredients: Many diets are focused on low calorie foods that often encourage your body to store fat, rather than burn it – which your body needs to lose weight and keep it off. Take a look at the key ingredients in many of these weight loss disaster plans: They’re filled with foods that include margarine, sugar, high-calorie dressings – not the things your body needs to be healthy and lose weight! Metabolic cooking recipes are designed with your taste buds and metabolism in mind. All the recipes in Metabolic Cooking are designed to have a high Metabolic Thermo Charge – which means they taste great, are easy to make, satisfying, and help my body to burn more fat more effectively. I love the Choco-Peanut Butter Oat Muffins on page 24 of the Breakfast Cookbook, and the Sweet Pepper Beef Stir-Fry on page 23 of the Red Meat Cookbook. Hey, if this is dieting, then I’m in heaven!

The cookbook and eating plan are structured to ensure I am eating nutritionally balanced, delicious tasting, fat-burning meals throughout the day, that are filled with flavor, budget friendly, and easy to make. Get rid of those other boring diets that are filled with bland-tasting recipes that have set you up for failure again and again. Metabolic Cooking doesn’t focus on starvation – but on filling you up with great tasting, fat-burning meals that will speed up your metabolism and help your body to burn off more calories more effectively. Whether you have 10 pounds or 100 to lose, Metabolic Cooking is a great choice for those with slow metabolisms, as well as high-level athletes looking to maintain their maximum state of health. The recipes don’t require you to shop in the gourmet section – the recipes are prepared using foods that are commonly found in your grocery store. And forget about having to spend hours learning how to cook and prepare each meal. Life’s busy – the recipes are easy, affordable, and delicious to eat!

 Specials – Bonuses
I really liked the idea of eating food focused on revving up my metabolism that also tasted great. But I was hesitant to spend more money on a diet plan. However, Metabolic Cooking comes with an iron-clad, no questions asked, 60-day money back guarantee. And the program is completely down-loadable, so I didn’t have to pay for shipping, or wait for my books to be delivered to my door. This made it an affordable and risk free, instantly accessible eating plan that I was able to start using the same day. All the information is provided in Adobe Acrobat PDF format, and work on both Mac or PCs.

Metabolic Cooking Review – The Metabolic Weight Loss System

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